Okay, everytime I put my sadness here on tumblr, something awesome happens! A great day found me.

People don’t want to hear what I didn’t like about their actions towards me. They just get nervous I really shut me up. Or start ignoring me.

Be good and peaceful always, and the day you fight for yourself you become a really bad and annoying person.

Be bad and agressive always, and the day you do something nice, you’ll be an example.

I’m actually the first one. I didn’t have the guts to fight all the bullying and and everything. Now that I have, I’m the wrong, I’m the annoying. And I am the excluded now.

And so far, I need my voice. Years of pacience are deep inside me, years of minor abuses, years of. And now, that I really need that these people listened to me, because I really care about them BUT I REALLY CARE ABOUT MYSELF, so I just want to set rules or manners right, they shut me up. And ignore me.

I never, ever, felt so bad about everything, everyone and myself.